Creating 8-80 Cities

[youtube=] Gil Penalosa, the founder of 8-80 cities and a consultant with Gehl Architects, speaks at a TEDx conferences about towns and cities can adapt and improve. He's a smart guy, and his ideas and advice are beyond...

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Sustainable Sarasota: What is an “Urban Village” anyway?

[ted id=1037] We like to call Laurel Park Sarasota's urban village. But what do we mean by that? Isn't "urban village" an oxymoron? Not necessarily. At Laurel Park Management, we see "urban" as a condition of density and diversity, basically a place where a variety of...

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Sarasota’s Roadmap to Sustainability

With words like “green” and “sustainability” being thrown around so much these days, we at Laurel Park Management thought it might be good to take a look at what Sarasota is actually doing to become increasingly “green” and “sustainable.” The following is from the official Sarasota County government website:

Sarasota County acknowledges that sustainability is an interlocking network comprised of everything a community touches. Its Roadmap to Sustainability holistically integrates environmental, societal and economic initiatives, fundamentally shifting the role that governance can play in building a sustainable community and transforming its identity. County Administrator Jim Ley presented his Roadmap to Sustainability to the County Commission on Oct. 22, 2006, as an overview of Sarasota County’s direction.

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