Have You Registered to Vote?

by | Jan 21, 2011 | Downtown Sarasota, Education, Meet Your Neighbors

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The City of Sarasota has a major election coming up, as three seats on the City Commission are up for grabs. Have you registered to vote? Do you know which district you live in? Have you met the candidates? Local elections are extremely important, as local decisions have the greatest impact on your day to day life. The elections will take place March 8th, with February 7th being the last day to register.

“The City encourages you to participate in all elections. Voting is a fundamental right of our democracy. When you vote, you could be selecting Commissioners, voting on Referendums or Amendments to the City Charter. The Commission approves Ordinances and Resolutions; voter turnout determines what Referendums and Amendments pass. All of this with your participation will define how the City of Sarasota functions and how we live together.

Municipal government is involved in many aspects of our daily lives – from fixing roads, providing water and electricity, collecting garbage, supporting the arts, providing and maintaining sports venues and protecting our City’s citizens. Make an informed choice and browse the City’s website to learn about the issues facing the City of Sarasota and the City Commission’s many areas of responsibilities.” (from the City of Sarasota website)

Register to vote and find other important information at srqelections.com