Dr. Gary Reinhardt: Laurel Park’s Very Own Doctor Doolittle

by | May 14, 2010 | Bike from Laurel Park, Downtown Sarasota, Laurel Park Management, Meet Your Neighbors, Services, Walk from Laurel Park


“Our dog hates going to the vet, always has,” says Laurel Park resident Josh Grigsby. “But sometimes when we’re out for a walk she’ll insist on going to see Dr. Gary.” Dr. Gary Reinhardt of Vet Center Sarasota isn’t your run of the mill veterinarian. I swear he can speak dog, cat, bird, ferret, whatever. A multilingual pet whisperer and healer rolled into one. And for 25 years, Sarasota’s pet population has been the beneficiary.

Dr. Gary’s practice is located at 311 S. Washington Boulevard in a blue building adorned with animal shapes, directly west of Payne Park. Parking is available on the north side of the building, next to the lot for the County Tax Collector, but walking is also an option for anyone living in Laurel Park.

Laurel Park Management is pleased to offer a number of living options to pet owners, and we highly recommend Dr. Gary. We take our two dogs to him, after all. Veterinary Center of Sarasota can be reached at 941-952-1900.