Things We Take For Granted and Probably Shouldn’t: Selby Botanical Gardens

by | Jul 8, 2010 | Bike from Laurel Park, Culture, Downtown Sarasota, Exploring the Area, Green Living, Laurel Park Management, Nature, Things to Do in Laurel Park, Walk from Laurel Park

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When tourists come to visit Sarasota they often compile lists of attractions to see and proceed to visit one after the next. As a resident, however, it’s much easier to take the many beautiful and amazing things that lie just beyond our doorstep for granted. Heck, we could always go tomorrow. Selby Botanical Gardens, tucked away on South Palm Ave in downtown Sarasota just a short walk from any of Laurel Park Management’s apartments, is one of those places that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. And if you haven’t been yet, quit procrastinating!

Walking through the numerous themed gardens at Selby is like taking a trip through the looking glass into nature’s wonderland. We live in a fertile part of the world…Selby Gardens provides an opportunity to leave our hectic lives behind for an hour or two and let our senses reconnect with thousands of varieties of local flora.

In addition to its famed orchid and plant collections, Selby also features art exhibits, a tea house, and its own Local Coffee house.

For more info visit or call 941-366-5731