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Along with air, water is the most important resource on planet Earth. You’d think something so important would be treated like gold, but think about how much is lost through running hoses and faucets, leaks, and inefficient washing machines. We can do better. We should do better. And if the rainclouds that pass over Sarasota stay stingy, we’ll need to do better. From today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

In a signal that watering restrictions may be coming in the next few months, the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s governing board declared a water shortage today.

The shortage declaration, which goes into effect on Dec. 1, is meant to alert local governments and the public to developing drought conditions. It does not bring additional watering restrictions.

The water district is urging residents to check their irrigation systems to make sure they do not leak and that timers and rain sensors work properly. An estimated 50 percent of fresh water suitable for drinking is doused on landscaping in many parts of Southwest Florida.

The district also is encouraging local governments to step up their enforcement of existing watering restrictions.

While the district limits watering to two times per week regardless of drought conditions, Sarasota County limits watering to once a week. (see entire article)

So, are you water smart? Do you use low-flow faucets and toilets? Have you traded in your energy-intensive lawn for Florida-friendly landscaping? Laurel Park Management is proud to say that we’ve upgraded nearly all of our units by taking these steps and others to make the water we’ve got go that much further. Want to know more? Here are 100 ways to conserve water. Every little bit helps.